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Let's play with the kid

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

i don't think i put this here yet but here's my playthrough from a couple weeks ago. i wasn't able to get the last ending but i still enjoyed it. 


One of the wackiest horror games i've played, i can't say i was scared, but definitely confused ! Still a fun experience for sure.

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

lesson here, never help a child...

Weird n silly game, loved it!

i couldnt find the last ending but enjoyed the journey. ENJOY!

good game. 

Today we learned never to help a child. They're evil.


Very fun little game. Creepy kid too, good job 


Interesting game, enjoyed it!

Simple, but fun to play and discover the endings. Not so scary after the first time you play :P (Pt-BR)

Nice work :)

Full Play 3 Endings No Commentary 

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I hate kids 8/10 


L kid W main character

Another great example of what you can do with a bit of talent and low graphics. The game has scary but repetitive jumpscares so that could use some work. Great endings.


Unfortunately, the game is only scary once, but you have to try hard to find the secret ending.

8 broken carousels out of 10


There's something to be said about campy horror games, in which they're just fundamentally fun to play.

I feel that The Playground has made me even more aware of this new genre of games that has emerged on the indie development scene, and I'm just fascinated with how much creativity exists within this niche.

What's interesting about The Playground is that it highlights what campy horror does, using familiar tropes and pointing out how ridiculous they can be.

I enjoyed it. I should've probably gone looking for the other endings, but this has given me a better appreciation for new indie game developers.

Nice job!

This was pretty fun and spooky! I got most of the endings, but I couldn't figure out the secret one! It was a great game though! 

them jumpscares made me jump

This is a perfect example of a game that doesnt need amazing graphics to be good, it was really well made and fun to play and i enjoyed all the endings especially the secret one! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button guys!

Great little game! It took me forever to find the secret ending ! I wish it had more endings lol

Found to be creeped out by some moments, but in the end gave on finding all endings. 

Creepy game! Got spooked at some parts and found some humor in others. All together, it's a good game!

-Made a Video (08:28 / 2nd Game).

"Great game. The jumpscares didn't really scare me much, but I really like the PSX graphics this game has."

didn’t expect this game to be so creepy at first but it scared me pretty good lol couldn’t manage to find the new ending but did find a secret path! Great game 

BRUH this game should not have scared me as much at it did, also curious to find out what the meaning with the hidden area is 

Nice short horror game, i hated the secret ending lol. But there's definitely potential for more! Good job on the game dev :)

short but fun  game took me a while to find the 4th ending 

Haha what a crack up game

looks nice

lmao gave me a good laughter

Good short game. 

Heya I played your game for the channel. Very SpOoPy! 0.0

Really nice game bro!

couldn't find the 4th ending tho

Really liked your game! Couldt find the 3 ending tho.. But anyway liked it! Keep on going!

The Playground now have new ending. :)

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